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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Zumba Fitness, Snow, Salsa, Zouk and more

From 13th January until 16th January 2011 Salsalegría organize a weekend of winter sports, Zumba fitness and dance.

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From 13th till 16th January 2011 Salsalegría organizes a weekend in the snow with Zumba Fitness, Salsa and Zouk.

The atmospheric Sporthotel in Pontresina, Switzerland, helps you with the wellness facilities to recover from a day out in the snow and an hour Zumba fitness. Please register as soon as possible, rooms are limited.


Fun and feeling just comfortable are ours goals for 13th till 16th January: making friends, dancing together, wellness and snow.

Let's have fun and dance!



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Zumba® Fitness is based on the principle of "FUN AND EASY TO DO". For Zumba Fitness® you don't need to know how to dance, the important thing is just to move to the music and enjoy it. The hot Latin and exotic rhythms are very very motivating. Zumba® Fitness is the fitness sensation, because it is hot, sexy, exciting and suitable for everyone

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Sporthotel in Pontresina

The Sporthotel offers first class service to normal prices. Wellness with Sauna is included and a benefiz for the dancer. The Sporthotel offers for you:

  • Double bed room for 90.- sFr.
  • Three bed room for 80.- sFr.
  • Single bed room for 100.- sFr.